Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Final 30 Day Challenge Update and Burp Cloths


I realize I finished my 30 day challenge with out ever updating! I have mixed feelings about the whole process but I can conclude that the diet and exercise did work! I ended up losing 5 lbs in the 30 days. However I know that the actual Paleo food plan is not for me. I am a firm believer in all things in moderation. and after going the 30 days with out the grains and the dairy I really do not think its completely necessary to drastically cut those thing out of my diet all together. I did feel pretty good on the diet and noticed a huge difference as soon as I went off it. However I found my self feeling really hungry while on the diet. I didn't feel like I stayed full for very long and constantly had to eat small snacks. I generally struggle eating lots during the day and am lucky if I get my 3 meals in. In between running around and being a mom I do not always make time for food and when I do I don't make the healthiest choices. Since being off the diet I have tried to incorporate a lot of the ideas the Paleo diet includes such as whole unprocessed foods and have definitely made big changes in the way I cook and am very careful about the things I select at the grocery store. I have been far from perfect and since my 30 day challenge ended I have not worked out once. Its mostly because I have been incredibly busy with my sign business especially around the holidays. I am starting to slow down again and am planning on getting out and staring to do some mild running each day. So for those of you who have asked that is how my 30 day challenge ended and where I am at now.

Back to craftiness!!

here is the next little project I took on for Rachel's baby shower gifts! I made some larger than normal burp cloths for my twins when I was pregnant with them. They were a huge life saver when all three of my kids ended up having re flux and being quite the barfers! I rotated through my stash constantly and burp cloths were by far one of my most used baby items! Rachel requested a set of her own many months back when I asked her specifically what she would like! So I headed out to Joann's and picked out some flannel and some fleece. For my burp cloths I originally used a set of rags as the back from Wall-Mart. They were incredibly soft and unlike any rags I have seen. They have since stopped selling them so I figured fleece would be a good alternative. Fleece is soft and thick and would be nice and absorbent.

To make them I cut my flannel and fleece out placed them together inside out and sewed a straight line all along the edges leaving a 3 inch opening. I then turned it right side out and used my curvy stitch to finish off the whole edge. I love this stitch because it is super forgiving and you can't tell if your line is not straight! It also is a little added detail making for a pretty finish. I made a total of 12 and I am sure they will eventually be put to good use!!


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