Monday, February 3, 2014

Felt Baby Bows with a Tutorial

Rachel's baby shower was this weekend so I spent the last week making things for her little ladies! I first scanned through her Pinterest board to get an idea of what she had been pinning and tried to make some things on her Pinterest that I knew she would love but not necessarily suspect I would make! This is one of the reasons I love Pinterest! Its so easy to just scan through a friends Pinterest and get ideas based on things they obviously like! And then maybe re create things they have pinned that you know they may want to make but just don't have the time to get around to doing for themselves!

I started with these bows! I love how simple they are and they are super easy to make! I made them in about two hours one night while my kids sat and watched Curious George. Not to mention they were thoroughly impressed and wanted to steal them for their own! My kids are such great cheer leaders any time I do a craft!  I used this link/tutorial from Pinterest I also added a loop in the back that I hot glued on so that Rachel has the option to clip them in little pony tails or string them on some elastic as headbands. This makes them versatile from newborn stage and up.

I went a little crazy and made a bunch of them but they are just so cute and easy it was hard no too! I couldn't help myself! I have never been great at making little girl accessories. I have yet to make a single bow or headband for Scarlett. I have tried and failed MISERABLY! So if I can make these little felt bows I assure you any one can! I can't wait to see these little bows sitting on some beautiful little twin heads in just a few short months!!

In other exciting news happening at our house, our little 10 lb Miniature dachshund Honey is expecting her first litter of puppies! We found out through her X-rays last week that she is having SEVEN!! 2-6 is typical for dachshunds so this will be quite a litter! She is starting to show signs of labor this morning so we could easily have puppies in the next 24-48 hours! I'll keep you all posted when they make their arrival! 

I hope you enjoy!!


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