Friday, January 31, 2014

The Twins Finding Nemo 3rd Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated my twin boys 3rd BIRTHDAY! I am in awe that they are actually three for a variety of reasons, but mostly because we have all survived this long;) twins are no joke! I just love these little boys  to pieces and I assure you that in between all the painting, sewing, crocheting and any other random thing I do I spend lots of boy time hanging out with these two playing ball, hide and seek, and making forts! they are the definition of FUN and they spend most of their waking hours laughing, running around like mad men and playing jokes on ME!! the last 6 months the differences in their personalities have really shown true and its safe to say that although they may look a lot a like! they have a lot of differences that make parenting them especially interesting!

 Atticus is the older by 1 minuet. He is incredibly independent and does not like anyone to help him "get stuff done" he is the boss of the crew and is not afraid to tell everyone (including me) what to do. He is very sweet and has a very strong tenancy to be nurturing and loving . He is a magnet for babies and whenever we have a play group he ditches all his friends to play with all the newborns! He also is incredibly strong willed and stubborn! Which I only have myself to blame for!

Tristan: is a little more reserved and quiet but don't let that fool you he is just as sneaky and mischievous as his brother, he is just better at getting away with it! He is generally not the one to lose his cool over anything and is very obedient and kind. He is more of the "peace keeper" in our home and generally makes my job as a mom a little simpler. He loves every one he meets and will win your heart in a second! Anywhere we go he always leaves by telling everyone "bye and love you" this includes but is not limited to; the guy cutting our wood at Lowes, the receptionist at the doctors office, the mail man etc. I have just learned to go with it and I think he has probably made more than one persons day!

Since the boys received "Finding Nemo" for Christmas they have been completely obsessed with it! They like to run around making whale sounds! So planning their party was all about Nemo! I made a simple two layer cake and topped it with some Nemo figurines that I found at the Disney store! I finished the cake while the boys were taking their nap and when they came down and saw their "Memo" cake you would have thought it was Christmas! I was so happy they were so excited about their Nemo party! I made the pom pom garland with some yarn and strung it with a needle and thread. I cut the banner hanging on my hutch layering two pieces of scrap book paper together using my Silhouette Cameo. I have found that thing really comes in hand for all sorts of things! Overall I kept it simple and I think above all else the I was able to impress my two favorite now 3 year olds!

They have managed to take us on quite and adventure since the day we found out they we found out we were expecting. Its been and incredible little journey with these two and I am so grateful they are happy and healthy little boys and that I get to their Mom!

I attempted a little photo shoot right before all their friends showed up for their party. Can't you tell how impressed they were?!

 Tristan's "cheese" face.

 and this is their best attempt at being happy when I was trying to get them to smile.. such genuine looks
 This was their reaction when I first said we were going to take some pictures... classic

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