Friday, April 19, 2013

Pinned it Friday Haley Edition

Hello everyone welcome back to pin it Friday! I spent another week on my sewing machine, and did some fun projects that I can't wait to share with you! One was a gift for a little girls Birthday party we are attending this weekend and the other project I am working on, is a new quilt! yes.. I started another quilt.. but hey I finished my last one so I figure I can start another if I please! And so I did! This quilt will also be a gift so I will give a small preview next week without divulging to much!

I am so sadden by the events that have taken place in our country this week. My heart breaks for the family's and victim's that have been affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, and those in Waco Texas. They have been on my heart and in my prayers.

Pins for this week:

This is a little hint of what I may or may not have been working on for a special little girls Birthday party! Isn't this such a cute little doll? I was completely obsessed with dolls as a little girl. I would walk my dolls around the neighborhood in my little pink stroller with my Chihuahua Sparky, those were the days! I am so excited that I finally have a little girl of my own to make cute little dollies for!
Here is the link for the tutorial!

This next one has provided me with some awesome inspiration that I hope to incorporate in my home sometime in the next couple months! I have seen some variations of this type of gallery wall but this one totally rocks! Link

I think I see some ruffled curtains in my future.. these curtains are EVERYTHING! I am also dying look at those plates and that chair?!! oh man I drooled a little when I saw this picture! I am taking a little trip to visit Rachel this next week and I am so excited! One of the many things on our agenda is to do a little antique/thrift store shopping! I am hoping to come home with some new plates to add to my collection.  Link

I love cream sodas! when I was growing up one of the things my mom always had was a fridge in the garage full of soda and tasty beverages! Every Sunday we were allowed to pick something out to have with our Sunday Dinner! I saw this pin and thought how fun would these be to make for a special dinner or occasion?! Link
I saw these little dolls on my quest for the perfect doll pattern and thought how cute would these be as a gift for someone's baby shower?! I also thought it would be cool to embroider the details on them to make them a little extra special what do you think? Link
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! check back next week for some new quilting posts and a sneak peek at the progress happening in my upstairs bathroom!


  1. I LOVE that you both do a "Pinned it" post!

  2. Thanks Amanda!! It's a fun post! I like sharing my good finds!!

  3. Those little dolls look so cute!!!

    1. Thanks Cassie!! I can't wait to post about them next week! They were a fun project!