Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crochet Beaded Baby Socks

I'm back again today with another baby gift. My mother taught me to make these when I was in high school. I have two sisters they are 12 & 14 years younger than me and she use to make them these little crochet beaded socks to match their outfits. Eventually she taught me how to make them as well. They are super easy to make and take very little time. Especially if you are crocheting a newborn pair! I made Rachel a set of 7 pairs (14 total) so she would have at least a weeks worth of socks for her little ladies!

I also made her some signs for her girls room and am going to go visit her in a few weeks will bring with me a dresser she had me snag for her from craigslist. While I am visiting  I am going to help her paint it and finish putting her nursery together! So I will post about the signs once I take pictures of her finished nursery

. They are a little different than anything I have done before and are monogrammed initials of both her girls names! I they are sweet and simple and as soon as I get some decent pictures I will be adding them to our shop! They are a great alternative to a quote or saying and perfect for personalizing a child's room.
I also snapped some pictures of  Rachel's shower that I will share later on!

Update on Honey: no puppies yet we are patiently waiting for them to make their arrival. She was acting pretty restless and uncomfortable on Monday and I thought surely we would have puppies by now but I was wrong! today she is back to her normal self with no labor in sight! Her official due date is Saturday so we will see if she makes it that long! Dachshunds gestation lasts anywhere from 59-70 days and typically come on day 63-64 today she is 59. I am  hoping by Monday I will have some fresh little puppy pictures to share! until then I'll keep sharing all the projects that have been underway since the first of the year!

We also had a Goodwill open up near the shopping center I frequent for groceries. I have snagged up some pretty cool things each time I went and will have some fun before and afters to share of my thrifty finds!


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