Friday, November 29, 2013

You Are My Sunshine & I Love You to the Moon and Back


- I sure hope everyone had a lovely turkey day!

Our thanksgiving was rather interesting.. it started out with some pie cooking issues, followed by a barfing kid in the car on our 15 min trip to grandmas house. I was hoping it was just a fluke and that he wasn't really sick but a few more explosions while we were there and we left before any food was served... the joys of parenthood!It was not the day I planned it would be, but once we got home we had some chips and salsa vegged out on the couch and took some naps! My in-laws even brought us a bunch of left overs to enjoy! So all in all it was an OK day. It will definitely be a Thanksgiving we won't soon forget;)!

I even got to spend some quality Black Friday shopping with Rachel! which made up for a less than stellar morning in the morning! We set out much earlier this year and were done before 12am and ended the night at Ihop!

I am all caught up on sign orders and shipped a bunch of signs all over the country this week! if you ordered a sign it should be at your door step very soon! If you are looking to purchase a sign as a Christmas gift all sign orders must be placed by December 5th to ensure delivery on time. We also have a special promotion going on for all our signs. 25% off every sign now until Sunday. Promo Code: 25OFF at the checkout SHOP LINK HERE

I also handed off some custom signs a week ago! I have been waiting to share and I like the designs so much they will be be going up for sale in our Shop. Be sure to check them out!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday! I am prepping for another market that will take place this Saturday! I will be adding some new sign designs throughout the week and giving you previews of what I will be taking along with me! keep a look out!


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