Friday, November 22, 2013

30 Day Challenge Update Day 14

Well another week has past for this 30 day challenge and tomorrow I will be half way through. This week was definitely much more encouraging than last week and I did much better keeping with my goals. HERE is the link once again for any one who is curious about this 30 day challenge I am doing. Even if you aren't crazy about the actual "diet" portion there are some amazing free workout videos to utilize. I think I get to a point where I wont be sore any more and then I do a new workout such as the 55 minuet workout on day 13 by Jillian Michales and I wake up the next morning feeling like its day one all over again! It sucks to be sore but its such an amazing feeling knowing that I have pushed my self to another level physically. I got on the scale yesterday and I have lost 4lbs! This was great to see since I hadn't lost anything the week before! I also took some updated pictures and compared them to my "before pictures" that was more encouraging than anything else! I am sure the world wouldn't notice but I can see my muffin top is slowing disappearing each time I pull on my jeans!

One of the biggest reasons that I decided to really kick it into gear and do this challenge was due to the fact that my "post pregnancy" jeans were getting tight. I don't think there is anything more discouraging than when your "fat" jeans become too small.. I would be lying if I said I haven't cheated or that I haven't missed a single work out. But I have already come so far just by starting. Each day that passes I feel more motivated and seeing my before picture coupled along side my 14 day picture only makes me want it that much more!
I am excited to see what I will look like at day 30. I know realistically I will not be at my actual goal but I will be 30 days closer and on the right path to achieve the best "me". I hope any one who is reading this and is discouraged about their weight or body image feels encouraged by my little "journey" and feels the desire to make the changes to be healthy. It's not about numbers or getting back into your high school jeans. Its really just about being healthy and feeling good! So get out there and do it!


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