Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sometimes I'm an Idiot and my Holiday Decor Sucks.

I dressed my house all up for fall several weeks ago but I just hadn't gotten around to sharing. I took some pictures about 2 weeks ago and they turned out really terrible... I am still learning about all this photography junk and the settings on my camera! Lets just say the lighting is blinding in my living room and I just can't foresee going  through all the trouble to take pictures again so I photo-shopped the ones I have already taken the best I could and now you get to see them in all their glory! Not my best photo shoot to date but its all good I'll be decorating for Christmas in just a few weeks and I will strive for some better pictures then! You will also get to see a little bit more of my home. I really will do a home tour at some point but I am just not ready yet. It's so hard for me to get any space to a place where I feel like its done let a lone presentable to share as "finished rooms" It will probably always be a work and progress and I hope you enjoy the small pieces you do get to see!

I went really cheap this year on decor.. I ventured over to the empty lot beside my house and cut a bunch of the dead weeds and shoved them in my white pitchers I a have dubbed "Wheat" classy right?!! A couple of my neighbors walked by and looked at me like I was nuts..It probably didn't help that my kids were all lined up at the front window watching me make a fool of myself. Just keeping it real guys!! I did add a few things to my decor like the autumn leaves with the little pine cones and the Gratitude Sign. This has also never been seen before previously! And The reason you have never seen it before is because I am an idiot and spelled Gratitude wrong... Note the extra "T" It was bound to happen eventually. I guess it just means I am EXTRA grateful this season?? So I guess what I am trying to say is my fall decor kind of sucks but I went through all the trouble to try and make it happen and the truth is sometimes things just don't work out the way you planned!! So ENJOY laugh with me at all my stupidity and enjoy some lame pictures!!

and to brighten your day this is a Honey who I have to photo shop out of many of my pictures!! and so I decided to give her a small moment of glory. She is pretty cute I think she deserves it!



  1. When I saw the sign I totally thought you spelled it that way on purpose - a play on having a grateful "attitude" :) I thought it was very clever!

  2. Ha ha thank you steffanie for giving me the benefit of the doubt!