Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Signs and the Inspiration Behind Them

I am finally getting around to sharing some of the new designs I made for the market I did Saturday. I set up a new spot to take pictures of them in case you were sick of the same scenery!! I know I was ready for a change up! These will all be listed our my ETSY shop. A few of these I actually made to keep and they were either the wrong size or the wrong color! So if you order any of these now, you will get the original!

This quote is a Hymn. I had a lot of people look at this sign and totally not get it this weekend? I guess I should have added the last phrase "DEAR LORD" and it would have made a bit more sense instead of willfully submitting yourself to some random person?! I had a couple people give me dirty looks after reading it.. oh well  I love the phrase and what it stands for and I think this is the only one that I will actually keep! It will be a constant fixture on my boys dresser and will only be switched out for Photo shoots which happen every couple of days lately!

here is the full hymn for any one interested if you like many others "didn't get it" its OK I would have been confused too!

This was one of my favorite quotes from President Thomas S. Monsen during the October conference this year. It goes with out saying:

These next two signs come from my deep seeded desire to live on the other side of the country! I seriously would kill to pass a few barn silos on my way home or get stuck behind a green tractor every now and then  and smell some stinky cows!! I definitely don't get the cactus and dirt we have here. I suppose it has its own kind of beauty and I really do appreciate the fact that I don't have to shovel snow, but it definitely is not my first choice and this is coming from some one who has never lived any where else!! I did spend several summers visiting Rachel in Tennessee as a teenager and it ruined me for good!

This is one I made for my self. My whole life is currently made up of the little moments... the sweet or not so sweet things my kids say, the new things they learn on a daily basis. Being a mother is hard but is worth it a 100 times over I wouldn't trade it for the world!

and here is another color option for you to see of this bad boy. "It's A Wonderful Life"

 that is it for today!!


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  1. Personally Hayley, I LOVE your "I'll go where you want me to go" sign. I guess i can see the confusion,but I immediately thought of Sister Burton's talk at Women's Broadcast! Love your signs too bad my house isn't bigger!