Friday, November 15, 2013

New Signs and 30 Day Challenge Update

Today I have some new signs to share with you all and an update on my 30 day challenge. I have been furiously working on signs this week to get ready for a market tomorrow. If you are local  stop by Andrada High school on Houghton from 10-2 tomorrow for lots of vendors I believe there will be more than 50 and  of course to see our booth and check out our goods in person!

My living room has basically looked like a big sign factory for the last two weeks. Aside from that I have also worked on a few custom orders one I will be sharing today. This sign I made for a gal that I have gone to church with for several years. She and her husband are foster parents and she wanted this quote to reflect their experience as foster parents. This lady is so incredibly talented on many different levels and I was thrilled when she asked me to make this for her. I also go to take a little peek in her home as I dropped if off. I am still dying over how beautiful it is! I love going into someone else home walking away inspired to keep working on my own! Here it is.


I also have a few other signs that are quotes that my dear mother has requested. She will randomly send me a quote or saying and I have yet to dislike a single one! I wish I had more time and wood to make them all into actual signs!! So I can't take a lot of credit for picking out these sayings and phrases except for the fact that I was directly inspired by my beautiful mother! I have two more signs I will share later on that are also direct request from her but the paint is still drying! But here a few new ones and some old designs with new color options.

30 Day Fitness Challenge: The first few days I did great diet wise I stuck completely to the diet plan and didn't eat any carbs.As my groceries dwindle down its a lot easier to be tempted! I think the next time I go grocery shopping I will have a lot better idea of what to get to ease that temptation and to stay on track. It also does not help that my husband had been unknowingly sabotaging me! He is not on the same diet as I am due to the fact that his goals are to bulk up and gain more muscle. He keeps feeling bad for me and guilty that he is "allowed" to eat things I am not and thinks that by offering me some of my greatest temptations it will make me feel better! Like calling me and asking if I want Taco Bell on his way home from work!! Lets just say that hasn't been very helpful! But I have managed to evade his guilty offerings!  Last night however we broke out the Halloween candy for the kids and after an hour of it sitting on the table I caved... Not my proudest moment but whatever. I also have missed 2 work out days. The reasons why are not important and I am working on making it more of a priority. I worked out twice yesterday to make up for it and am on track to do that again today.

Enough about what I did wrong and more about what I have done right! I have still worked out in the last week more that I have in 4 years. That is definitely and accomplishment. I have never eaten this strict or healthy this long EVER sad but true. I can honestly say I had no clue what healthy eating was until now.  My water consumption has also vastly improved. I weighed myself today and I am still exactly where I was when I began. I am not super discouraged by this because I know at this point these last pounds really are going to be the hardest to shed and physically I am already noticing differences in my core and my overall strength. I can do much more each time I exercise and that is more satisfying than numbers. I sometimes forget to give myself credit for the 48 lbs I have already lost since last August! It just shows me that I am really going to have to stay dedicated to make this change happen and to not get caught up in the numbers. Its so easy to do that but this process is really more about being healthy and fit and less about meeting a specific trifecta of numbers. Something I struggle with but am starting to understand more and more. That is pretty much where I am at this point. I will probably update next week and hopefully be doing better with my goals and sticking to the "plan" that is it for now

Be sure to drop by Andrada High school from 10-2 tomorrow to check out our booth and snag a few signs!


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