Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year


I just realized after neglecting our blog for some time that It's been since Thanksgiving that I last posted. I'm feeling a little shameful but I promise during then and now a lot has happened and my creativity has been in full swing! I got caught up with Christmas sign orders and just didn't make time to blog! I just want to thank everyone who has supported our little business purchasing quilts and signs! I am amazed at how far this blog and our business has come in just a year! Its been a full year of blogging and 6 months since we opened our online shop and I feel truly blessed by all our readers and customers! you all ROCK!

The next couple weeks I will bring you up to speed on some of the stuff I have worked on over the holidays including 2 night stands, a computer desk, stockings, and of course some signs!

Some of my greatest memories growing up are tied to music. I remember every year during Christmas time my mom would play Christmas CD's in the morning as we were first waking up and getting ready for school. Some of the most played were Nat king Cole, Amy Grant and Celine Dion. Its just not Christmas until I hear Mr. Cole sing The Christmas Song! I was feeling especially festive this year and played my fair share of Christmas music and I was able to make a gift inspired by some lyrics dear to my mothers heart.

My mom LOVES Amy Grant and her favorite song of all time is "Breath of Heaven". It is one of my favorites as well. My mother has even heard Amy sing this song live in concert! It is a beautiful song and highlights the true meaning of Christmas which for me and my family is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I had planned on making her this sign from the get go but I had a specific font I wanted to use for it and at the time I did not have it in my collection. So I figured there is always next year and shipped my mother two other signs. Later on I ended up purchasing the font and my sister in law asked what my mother would like for Christmas! I KNEW EXACTLY what to do! So she hired me to make it and I am so glad I waited because it turned out just like I had originally pictured in my mind. It is available in our shop if you would like to snag your own! So after shipping it I was patiently waiting for the phone call because my mother was not expecting anything in the mail!! When I got a call one afternoon while I was feeding my three little mouths in their highchairs and heard crying on the other end I knew I had done good! Its amazing what a few words and paint can do for the soul. I really love panting these inspired words and it always touches my heart when others enjoy them as well!

I also added several other signs to our shop over the holidays that I did not blog about, but here they are! I feel like I am getting a better handle at designing signs and like the direction some of the designs are starting to take. I want them to have a more cohesive feel and look like they all belong in the same shop! I am sure I will add more over time especially as custom orders arise! I always love to be inspired by other people and can only pick out so many of my favorite quotes before I need some new inspiration! So please feel free to comment and message me some of your favorite quotes and phrases!

I also got a new lens for Christmas! Big shout out to my awesome friend and amazing photographer Alyssa here is the link to her business if you are in the VA area. She has held my hand through this whole photography thing politely criticized some of my rookie mistakes and has answered countless questions !! She encouraged me to purchase this lens and said I wouldn't regret it. BOY was she right!!! it has made a huge difference as you will see in later posts!! I hope everyone's new year is starting off great and I will try and stay on top of things!

 thanks for stopping by!

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