Monday, May 27, 2013

Watermelon Afghan and My Tornado Twins


Happy Memorial day. I just want to take a moment to thank the countless men and women who have and who continue to protect our freedoms. I will for ever be indebted to the incredible sacrifices that the individuals and that family's have made to help give me the beautiful life that I am so thankful for.
I just wanted to let everyone know that Thursday of this week the June 30th will be the last day to enter my furniture makeover GIVEAWAY! so be sure to enter if you would like to participate! You have until midnight! I will announce the winner on Friday with my Pinned it Friday post! I also would like to apologize that this giveaway was for only my local readers! I have a future giveaway planned that everyone will be able to participate in! So hang tight and keep your eyes peeled for that announcement! it will be coming up in a couple of weeks!
A few weekends ago I decided to get rid of some of the unused items that have been sitting around and collecting dust in our garage! I also wanted to create some space to paint and store furniture as it comes and goes. With a little help from craigslist I cleared out my garage and made a couple of bucks in the process! and I may have done a little early birthday shopping.. Any day this week a Silhouette Cameo should be showing up on my door step!! I am seriously so excited! Some random sells man came to my door Friday and I was more than disappointed to receive a sales pitch and not have a pretty brown box sitting on my front porch. Poor guy..
As part of our date night last week my husband and I stopped in at Home Depot to get some wood for some future Silhouette aided projects. I have lots of grand plans to tackle my boys room and to start doing some décor in my living/kitchen area.
My boys room is a disaster... There is a part of me that just wants to leave it be and not even attempt to decorate it, I cannot even tell how destructive my twins are. They have single handedly destroyed their dresser and the hutch that we bought brand new for their nursery before they were even born. The only thing I have done to their room at this point is paint stripes on one wall. They even found a way to destroy that by picking off the paint during nap time. I am starting to understand more and more that you just cant have nice things when you have kids. Even when you try your hardest to keep things nice. My little man T got mad last week after I caught him messing with the key board on our new computer. Apparently he was pretty ticked that I wouldn't let him play on the computer and decided that if he couldn't play on it that no one else should either... That is when he literally pushed our BRAND NEW desk top off the table onto our hard floor... I seriously wanted to cry.. he some how managed to get the keyboard off  as well and the computer landed on top of it. Luckily it is still in working order at least for the moment... and it only sustained some ugly scratches on the back.
That is pretty much how the majority of my weekend/week has been, my boys have been on a rampage to destroy and destruct any and every thing in sight and they are also on an anti sleeping kick.. So to help me get through the rest of last week I crocheted. I should be finishing up a quilting project but I just couldn't do it. I NEEDED to CROCHET or I was going to lose it!! Crochet is the best therapy for me in the whole world! I started two new afghans, they are both in this Chevron pattern pictured and will be baby gifts like my last one.

Now I'm off to have a much needed girls day with Rachel who happens to be in town and my other two fabulous Sister-in-laws!!

I hope everyone has a lovely week! catch you all later!

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