Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Haircut

Sometimes one needs a little push to get things moving! My sister in law agreed to go with me to get out hair cut yesterday so that was what I needed to finally do it! Here are some before and afters :) It feels much better! (Sorry for the crummy quality iPhone pictures because WOW they are bad.)

The befores!


After! I wish I'd gotten one of Cassie too, her hair looks very cute! Anyway, all four of us girls have never been out together, so we went to the mall and the Cheesecake Factory! It was definitely fun and something we need to do more often. 

Hope you all had an awesome long weekend and stay tuned for the amazing treasures that I found this weekend!


  1. Thanks guys! Sometimes it's nice to switch it up a little (and not have to blow dry so much hair)!