Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sign for Twins Room Reveal

Good Morning!!

I have to say this week has been a much better week than the last one!! My little boys haven't given me quite as much grief.. ok scratch that they have. I guess I'm just realizing that this new phase of destruction is here to stay and its just not worth getting my panties all up in a bundle every time they do something terrible.. I mean they do call it the Terrible Two's for a reason!! right?! I guess my experience is just EXTRA special since there is more than one and they use their little partnership to plot against me!

As Rachel and I both said; we had a lovely girls day on Monday!! I think it was exactly what I needed to get over a bad week and feel renewed and fresh!! We had such a great time! It was also the first time I have left Scarlett for a longer than an hour! I was really hesitant up until right before I left.  I wasn't sure if  I should take her or leave her but my husband assured me everything would be just fine and kicked me out the door! I'm glad he did, she was more than OK without me which makes me a little sad that she is growing so fast. However,  it was nice to have a little bit more freedom. Its kind of crazy to think that by the time my boys where her age now, I was already expecting again.. I don't know what the heck I was thinking but, I'm glad I didn't think about it too hard. By the time I realized perhaps throwing a third child into the mix with some crazy toddlers might not be the best idea, it was a little to late!! And I just cant imagine life without each of these crazy little people who have given me purpose in this world.

I have continued to crochet this week, in fact I have started a new routine, instead of being a grizzly mother every time my boys jump out of their bed during bed and nap time and putting them back into bed countless times. Now, I just sit in front of their door in a rocking chair and crochet until they fall asleep. It works so much better!!! and it's actually much more time effective!! It was taking me over and hour to try and get my boys to take a nap and now they know they cant get away with anything so they just lay down and fall asleep and I get to watch as they fall asleep and turn into perfect little angels and enjoy some quite crochet time. It works out just perfectly!!!
I am also still waiting for my Silhouette to arrive!! It is estimated to come today, I was sincerely hoping it would come earlier but no such luck!! If it doesn't come today, I'm going to start getting cranky!!! Luckily I have grand plans to hang out with one of my mommy friends who understands more than any one what life is like with twins. She has twin boys of her own that are a month older than Scarlett and a 2 year old son just a few months younger than my boys. I always enjoy our play dates!! and it is so funny to watch our six kids hang out together!

Today I am FINALLY showing you the sign I made for my boys room!! I had to wait to show you because the board needed to be trimmed to finish it off and my husbands saw was too wimpy to do the job! But alas here it is in all its glory! this picture is taken in my master bedroom on my dresser, it will however eventually go in my boys room as planned!

Have a very lovely and wonderful day!!