Friday, April 5, 2013

Pinned it Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! We are going to be starting a new post that as you may have figured out from the title is "Pinned it Friday" Rachel and I will each make a post every Friday made up of our favorite pins from Pinterest. We will include links and give some credit to the actual people behind the pins! Instead of just giving "Pinterest" all the credit. We also want to know what you are loving on Pinterest! So leave a comment with a link to some of your favorite pins!! I am really excited about this because there are so many cool things I have found from Pinterest that have inspired me and have wound up in my home! Here we go! Disclaimer: these can be anything and may have absolutely nothing to do with some of the content of our blog. Onward!!

#1 I found this pin about 2 weeks ago and I have been completely obsessed! The girl behind this pin is the Fabulous Jaclyn Hill. She has her own YouTube channel full of amazing makeup tutorials. She works at MAC cosmetics which is another one of my guilty pleasures. I have learned so many cool tricks from her! Not to mention she is funny and absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Go check out her channel jaclynhill1 and promise you won't be disappointed!

#2 this is a pin that I pinned quite a while ago and it has become my go to for laundry stain remover. It's the combination of Blue Dawn Dish Soap and
Peroxide. This cleaner is amazing!! It gets EVERYTHING out! It has been especially handy with my daughter Scarlett and her countless blow outs! I have even gone back and taken out month old stains that have gone through the wash multiple times! It's the bomb that's really all I can say!

#3 this pin I will be featured in my painting tutorial sometime next week so I won't go into to much detail but let's just say it works like a charm!

#4 this pin I have used quite a bit. You just put petroleum jelly all around the skin on your fingers by your nail. And then when you paint you nails and your get some on your finger instead of your nail, it will literally just wipe right off! Life changing!

#5 I have made these many times and I LOVE them its seriously better then peanut butter cups in my personal opinion and it makes an entire 9x13 inch pans worth! Great for FHE or to just enjoy when your nice and pregnant and want some chocolate ( no I am absolutely NOT pregnant but these were my go to when I was pregnant with miss Scarlett).

Alright that is all I have for this week but Rachel will be adding hers in a separate post! Sorry the pictures are not with the actual number! I am blogging from my phone all week because BOTH of mine and my husbands laptops have died. Luckily we have a new computer on its way which has been long over due! So i will have better posts next week! I also purchased a DSLR camera which should be here any day!! I am seriously so stoked!! And I hope to provide you some much better pictures than the crummy Instagram pictures you have seen thus far! This is also why I haven't posted much the last two weeks!! Once these babies arrive I will be back in full force!! Until next time!


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