Monday, March 4, 2013

HQ 16

Well, here it is! My new baby, the HQ 16, which is a mid-arm quilting machine. The 16 means that there is 16 inches of room from the needle to the machine, making it very handy to do large projects on. It has taken a while to figure out where to put the thing, and then actually setting it up was another story. All-in-all it went smoothly and now it's in the guest room. So if you plan on being a guest at my house.... I'll worry about that later! I have started practicing a little and I'm not super great at it yet, but it'll come if I keep at it (I hope). My bobbin tension is a little off I think, but other than that it's amazing! I'll probably have the lady that usually quilted for me come over and show me some tricks. Now for some pictures!

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