Saturday, March 2, 2013

Master bedroom makeover part 2

I have pretty much completely refinished the bed frame that I bought! I just need to finish the side boards. In the mean time I've been spending my Saturday making some decorative pillows. I started by making two simple white pillows and adding a ruffle to the edge. Then I decided to do a little quilting. I used a fabulous app called blockfab(go figure) if you like to quilt this is a great app especially for calculating dimensions. I used the block called Ohio Star. I made each block 8x8 and added a white border to make it exactly the size I needed. The original furniture in our master bedroom is black. I have gone back and forth about wanting to paint it or replace it. I have decided to embrace the black and just go with it! Hence the little black details in the quilted pillow. ENJOY!


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