Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I just wanted to share with you a quick little gift idea that can be tailored to any holiday or occasion! I sent my sister a box sorta like this once as a "just because" gift and used yellow bright paper and stickers. Yes, I'm going to be the old grandma sticking stickers on all my letters :)
This particular gift is for my mom for Valentine's Day... Maybe she'll share some chocolate with my dad!

All I do is cut scrap paper to fit the inside flaps of a box and use double sided tape to adhere it.

Add goodies...

Tissue paper and a card

And BAM, you got a simple cheaper option for a gift. 
These goodies were all picked up at Target and were just for a fun and bright little box during all the horrid weather that is getting dumped on Tennessee (while it's in the 80's here in Yuma, Az).

Anyway, all of you whether you are single, dating, married, or whatever, have a fun day and show someone in need a little love. Obviously you don't need to go kiss the homeless man on the corner, but you could bring him a toasty cheeseburger instead. Either way, do something kind today.

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