Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Freezer Breakfast Biscuits

Well I'll go ahead and warn you that the pictures here are not great, and this is definitely not as fun as the last post about puppies! However, it is maybe a little helpful!
As I get farther and farther into this pregnancy, the more I tend to want to sleep in and not do anything! I hate cooking as I have mentioned before, but I'm trying to better about using our bountiful baskets and whatever else we have in our refrigerator. I saw a picture on Pinterest of some DIY breakfast biscuits that you can make and store in the freezer in individual wrappings. That might make me more cheerful waking up in the morning, plus I had all of the things to make them! I have actually been eating breakfast, for the sake of the babies I'm growing, and cold Crispix get old after 6 months! So here was my own version of the freezer breakfast biscuits.
I had some cheater Pillsbury frozen biscuits that I just baked:

Some Jennie-O turkey sausage:

Some delightful Tillamook cheddar:

And five eggs:

I cooked the eggs, sausage, and biscuits, and let them cool a little. Then I cut the biscuits in half and added the sausage, cheese, and egg!

Then I wrapped those suckers in Saran Wrap and put them in a gallon sized zip-lock bag.

Last step- Toss in your freezer until you are waddling around in the morning looking for something warm like your mother used to cook for you! Microwave till heated through. Seriously, I didn't realize that people didn't cook every day for their children till I moved out and started eating cereal. Sad reality. Oh well, hope someone gets some use out of this nifty idea!

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