Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scarlett's First Birthday

 Today is a special day.. Today is my only daughters FIRST Birthday. To celebrate we had a little Birthday photo shoot this morning. Here are some of my favorite shots. I'll be spending the day with this little girl who I love so dear. She has a special place in my heart. Even from the moment I found out I was expecting I knew she would be a little girl. She is the daughter I have always wanted.  I hope to have the kind of relationship with her that my mother and I share. She is all girl through and through! We couldn't love this girl more!
Happy 1st Birthday my little Scarley Girl
xoxo Momma











  1. She is SO darn CUTE!!! Absolutely precious pictures!!! Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett :)

    1. Thank you Cassie! I can't believe she is one! its crazy!! Chloe and Scarlett are going to be thick as thieves before we know it!