Friday, August 23, 2013

Pinned it Friday with Haley

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

This week seemed to just speed by!! I am trying to finish up a lot of things in my home before my daughters first birthday next week. We will have company staying the night so I am trying to finish the guest room and paint a bunch of furniture as well as walls. It has been great motivation to just get things done and I have crossed a lot of thing off my list but I still have lots to do in the next week! I hope I can just get it done!

Here is a little recap of our week over her at Little Bits of Everything

Monday: I shared my free furniture makeover giveaway project the Red Hutch LINK to more pictures

Tuesday: Rachel shared an adorable baby dress she made for a baby shower LINK with pattern

Wednesday: I shared all the many projects happening in my neck of the woods LINK

Thursday: Rachel shared another great baby shower idea, a wipes case! LINK

Now on to Pinned it Friday.

I can slowly feel my self transitioning out of painting mode and back into sewing/crochet mode. I tend to over do things like decided to paint 50 projects this summer or crochet 4 baby afghans last spring.. Its inevitable I get on a kick and I go full steam ahead. I am trying to finish up the last of the projects I have in my home and garage that require a paint brush so that I can spend the fall sewing and crocheting. Not to say I wont paint anything but I would like to knock out my big painting projects and maybe give my self a little painting break. With that said here are some sewing/crochet inspired pins this week. Because honestly that is exactly what I have been gravitating towards!

I have plans to finally make some quilts for my boys bed. After searching HomeGoods on more than one occasion and not finding a single twin size quilt at Target I think I will have to just take matters in my own hands. I am definitely going to go for a very monotone and simplistic design for their quilts. I want something that will be timeless and last for  a while with what ever décor I decide to pair with them. This is a great simple pattern that I could see working with a couple different color schemes. Link to pattern and website it originated from

Sing All You Want: The Arrow Tail Quilt - Tutorial & Quilt-A-Long
Next up is a great idea for a sewing table. I am about to go FINALLY paint my sewing desk today and this would be perfect for all the thread ends and the little bits of fabric that seem to accumulated during a sewing project while also still being cute! LINK

Thread catcher and pincushion

Here is a great idea for fabric storage. I actually have six of these already made that I inherited from my cousin who left them when she returned home early this summer. She lived with us for an entire year and accumulated a few awesome storage contraptions for her closet that she decided to leave behind. We miss having her around and were sad to see her go she was a pleasure to live with and it's weird not having her here. Now that she is gone her old room has turned into the guest/craft room. I am planning on recovering the storage box things and this link has some good ideas.
Sewn Basket

I love this idea for displaying quilts and afghans. Anyone who has ever quilted knows just how much time and work goes into a single quilt or afghan. It is a shame to fold them up and store them in the closet after all that work! This adds the perfect décor and display for all of your lovely quilted and crocheted blankets! LINK

old ladder to hold blankets

Last is a beautiful crochet inspiration. If you read this blog you already know about my pillow hoarding problem. Here is a great idea to get some of those pillows out of the closet and use them as functional décor! don't you think? I love this and the possibilities are endless! LInk not to mention I just found a new crochet blog to spend way to many hours on this morning go see for yourself!

circle granny square bolster

That is it for this week folks! Stop back next week for lots more projects!



  1. Thanks for including my quilt and tutorial, Haley! If you decide to make one, please do share it with me!