Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Haley's Works in Progress


Today I am going to be jumping all over the place as per usual I am working on about 10 different projects!!

Last week I finished painting the upstairs bathroom I have just a few things to complete before I reveal the whole space. I am about 75% done painting the guestroom/sewing room. I have been looking at color swatches for a long time and finally settled on this minty green color. I figured it will give the space a tranquil feeling and also give it a bit of color since the majority of the décor will be white and monotone. Here is a sneak peek of the color I snapped as I was working on the room. I also have a few furniture makeovers I hope to finish up to complete the space.

I also have been working on my dining set. This morning I started to re-upholster the chair seats. I have completely finished the table and the chairs are also almost done I just need to rub hemp oil on them to finish them up. Here are a few pictures of some of the finished chairs seats and some as I am working on them. The roses are from my garden! I am just loving having access to fresh flowers. They are perfect for taking impromptu pictures and for adding that special touch to a space.

I also have finally finished the gallery wall in my living room here is a sneak peek!

Lastly I have finally picked up my crochet hook again. I am working on finishing up the two afghans that I have been working on for months now. I have a lot of down time each morning when my kids get up. Its the perfect time to crochet and still be present with my kids in the morning before they take their nap, which is when I tackle bigger projects like painting. So hopefully I will be showing you more crochet projects soon. I also think I am going to step into the world of knitting.. we will see. I have lots of painting to do before I even think about it! That is it for today folks!


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