Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up and Pinned it Friday with Haley


Hello everyone! Here is a little synopsis of our week of all the things that happened here! First off Rachel was on a role! and finished off two quilts! I finished off a vintage dresser set and gave some information all about stripping furniture! click the links for more pictures and details!

My first pin today is a recipe that I actually tried this week. It was so good that it has officially replaced my old favorite enchilada recipe! I made this recipe for our dinner guests and it was a hit! Thanks again Ree Drummond for helping me feed my husband!

White Chicken Enchiladas By Ree Drummond

Next is a cool idea for re purposing  an old dresser. I know I have turned down a couple dressers that I just didn't think I could salvage due to the deplorable drawer situation. OR lack there of. This is such a great way to use an old dresser and make it beautiful.
I love flower arrangements especially ones that last! you could use this idea for so many fun DIY projects! check out more DIY and crafts at the Crafted Sparrow!
When it comes to my camera I really need all the help I can get! I am seriously going to finish this post and go figure this concept out! I feel like really need to figure out the ins and outs of my camera and stop shooting all my pictures in the factory settings and get personalized! Here is a great link to help figure out some cool tricks for DSLR cameras!
I have had a paper wreath on my to do list for a while now! I even purchased some old vintage looking books just for the job. I have been to busy painting to even take them out of bag yet! Hopefully I can get ahead of my furniture projects and do some fun little things like this! Don't you just love everything about this! Such a great inspirational picture from the décor to the beautiful shabby chic dresser!
Well that is it for this week guys! We will catch up again next week with more furniture makeovers sewing projects and more!


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