Friday, July 5, 2013

Pinned it Friday and Weekly Recap

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! I know I did, even though I missed my family. Each year at home in Tennessee, they have a cook out with amazing chicken cooked for hours over a charcoal pit and OHMYGOSH it's good. After being depressed for a while, I decided to have a little fun. I grabbed my husband, and we went a bought an ice cream maker, a chicken, jalapeno poppers, and got potato salad, and came back home. It's way too dang hot to have a picnic in July in Yuma, so I laid a quilt out on my living room floor, popped in a movie, and let the ice cream maker work it's magic while we ate our lunch/dinner. Then we paused the movie after eating delicious ice cream, and went out for a little swim! What a good day with my tiny family of just us! Later I talked to my mother and it rained all day in Tennessee and they are waiting till I come home in a couple of weeks to have  the cookout! Win-win. So, now on with Pinned it Friday! Here is the week's recap of me & Haley's projects!

Works in Progress

 Chippy Barn Hutch (Milk Paint)

Now, time for the Pinteresty part, which I love!
1. Modern Calligraphy by Allison at Engaged & Inspired. I would so love to get such a pretty invite or card in the mail. Or, maybe i can start practicing now so that by Christmas I'll be good at it! Anyway, if you have any event coming up, there are such classy ideas on this blog, go check it out!
2. Rococo Style 3 art print by Maximillian San. I don't know what it is about this lovely weathered wood with vintage-looking floral paint/wallpaper over it that I love so much! You can buy this print as stationary, as a print, and as ipod and iphone cases! I want it all, the framed print would look amazing in my sewing room. Geez, I want so many things, but isn't this glorious?!

3. Number Art is something I've had my eye on for a while, and here at the Nalle's House blog, there are all sorts of things I'd like to do! Go over and check out some of the other things, like they DIY Fabric Baskets! Anu has a nice simple, clean sense of style that I really like! Anyway, I really want to try this art using a frame and a couple of layers of burlap. Oh, you know the possibilities are endless! Maybe even using that lovely drop cloth fabric. Or regular duck cloth... I'll have to keep thinking about it!

4. Wee Mouse Tin House is one of those things that I didn't even check out before I pinned it, it was  just an automatic. Yep, it was that cute. Now I've been trying to decide who needs a little felty mousey! I love this so much, very cute. Handmade gifts really are cheaper and more special, and these would fit perfectly into that category! This is from the Oh! Sweet Babies blog, where there are lots of awesome kid ideas!
5. Lastly, I have here a lovely comparison of some nude nail polishes! I always buy a crappy color and hate it when I try it out, but here is an awesome place where I can go and see if I like expensive products before I purchase them. This is called Beauty Look Book by Sabrina, where she tests out mostly high-end makeup and products, so you don't have to :) Lovely!
That's it for this week people, hope you have enjoyed! Have a happy weekend!

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