Friday, May 31, 2013

WE HAVE A WINNER! Crochet, Recipes, and Amazing Home Blogs also featured today!

Amber!! you have won!! I am really excited to get my hands on your hutch!!
Its actually pretty funny that Amber won, I was telling my sister in laws on our girl date Monday that I was just going to pick her because I have been wanting to do a hutch makeover for a long time! Amber has also become one of our biggest blog supporters! So Amber you totally deserve this!!
In all fairness I wrote all of the entries down in order, and asked my 17 year old brother to pick a number. He lives in Washington and probably has  no idea that I have a blog, let alone that I was doing a give away! So thank you Brady for helping pick our winner!
There were lots of entries so thank you everyone who entered!! I am still available for hire to makeover your projects and most of my rates are under $100. Affordable for many budgets!! So please if you wanted to win and you did not, you can still hire me to paint your pieces!! Thanks again everyone for your support! It really has been amazing to watch our blog grow over these past few months!! Rachel and I had no idea that we would have such a great response to all the madness we have been creating in our homes! We are so thankful for all of our readers support and we will continue to do fun giveaways and create to inspire on these pages!! So stay tuned!
Now lets do some Pinned it Friday!! are you ready?!!
The first pin I will present you with is this beautiful cake!!! I can't look at this cake with out feeling happy!! My Daughters first birthday will be coming up in just a few months and this cake would be so fun!! it comes from the blog GYGI While looking at this awesome cake I scrolled through some of the pages. There is an awesome DIY page for baked goods and pastries!! So many wonderful ideas for gifts during the holidays or for parties! Be sure to go check them out and give them some love!

UPDATE! GYGI sent me a coupon code for 10% off all of their products!
 Coupon Code: 10gygi1 for a 10% discount
feel free to use it when you check out there website
I guess I am feeling hungry this morning because I have another awesome food pin! Mel's Kitchen Café has been one of my go to blogs for recipes for the last couple of years! I have tried countless recipes, many of which are consistently rotated on my menu each week. I don't think I have ever been disappointed by a single thing I have tried!! I was so excited to see this new post she has started all about quick meals! As I have mentioned before I HATE cooking and I always procrastinate until the last minuet to start working on dinner, So having a collection of 30 minuet meals all compiled onto one page of delicious goodness? Really? What more could a girl like me ask for?!
Since I have been on a major crochet kick and have started to crochet baby blankets as gifts instead of making quilts, I have been on the look out for some lovely inspiration!! I saw this picture on Pinterest and my jaw literally dropped it is so beautiful! One of the best parts about pinned it Friday is that we get to explore the sources behind these pretty pictures that you see on Pinterest and actually see who is the creator behind all of the greatness! This picture took me to the blog Blancouleur. I am dying to get back to scrolling through its pages this lady is amazing!! her color choices are to die for and she is one amazing crocheter!! Go look at all the crochet eye candy on her blog!! If you are curious about how to create a blanket that is similar to this picture the stitch is called Larks foot, and there several tutorials on YouTube that will help you learn how!
My Sweet Savannah, is just one of those blogs that I die for. Melanie is the lovely gal behind it all. When ever I am about to start a new project, I have a handful of blogs that I go to for inspiration, My Sweet Savannah is always at the top of the list! Thank you KariAnne over at Thistlewood Farms for getting me hooked!! I knew you would never lead me astray! I have some plans to try and make over some boring frames in my living room inspired by Melanie. Go check out her drool worthy frames! and the beautiful hutch in her bathroom. I also love what she has done with this buffet, and how she has added the shelves above it to store all of her lovely treasures! I am hoping to figure out some sort of china cabinet/buffet shelf thing in my dinning area to display all of my ironstone and this picture opens up a whole new window of possibilities! Melanie you rock!
OK lets all just take a moment and devour this beautiful treasure!! This is another one of those blogs that I LOVE!! Thanks to my sister in law Cassie for getting me hooked to this one a couple years ago! I always find my self  going back for more!! Grand Design is actually a local Arizona blogger who does so many incredible things with her home! She has several  awesome pallet projects including a bathroom wall treatment and a herringbone treatment! that are so cool! But this has to be my most favorite project she has yet to do! A Grain Sack inspired hutch makeover! I love the colors and the stripes in the back. Its just so pretty!! and all of her white goodies on display only make it that much better!! Go check out Grand Design and see her amazing house while you are there!
Ok ladies and Gents that wraps up an other round of Pinned it Friday!! Enjoy and if you feel so inclined, tell our featured pinners who sent you over to their site !


  1. Thanks for linking! I'm honored!

    1. Of course!! I looked through your blog for a couple of hours today!! So many beautiful projects you have accomplished! And I love all of the color choices you make! I can't wait to see what you make next!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! That list may convert you to a love of cooking. :)

    1. Thanks Mel!! You have definitely made my life a whole lot easier with your delicious recipes all in one place!! I have tried a few things on the list already and they have all been wonderful!!