Friday, May 3, 2013

Pinned it Friday: Haley

Happy Friday!! How is everyone doing?!! I hope everyone had a swell week! My boys have been so good this week about sleeping in! They have been sleeping in till 9 am pretty much everyday! Apparently no one else got the memo! Especially Scarlett who has been waking up at 5am and our stinky beasts who think they need to pee at the crack of dawn! Seriously animals are a lot of work and they have so much more personality than I ever bargained for! We have a pretty comical combo of dogs at our house. We have Django the German Shepard who is either at or above 80 pounds now and will be turning one on Saturday and Honey the Miniature Dachshund who is about 6-7 lbs. and she is 8 months old.

 My husband had wanted a dog for a LONG time and when we finally moved into our house, he was chomping at the bit to get a dog, I told him I had several conditions. 1. no big dogs, 2. no males 3. wait until after the baby was born (I was 34 weeks pregnant when we moved into our house). Maybe you already know this but husbands don't always listen. A couple weeks after we moved in he found some German Shepard puppies for sale in our area and he begged and pleaded for a solid week. I said No a lot and eventually he wore me down. I didn't exactly say yes but didn't say no either so we brought Django home. My first hour with Django was less than smooth sailing.

Did you know that German Shepard's are known for having bad car sickness? Yeah, I didn't know this. I mean they are working dogs who spend countless hours in cop cars every week. We found this out the hard way when Django barfed all over the floor of the car next to my feet on our car ride home . Cute right?!!  When we got home it was late my boys were tired and not to mention TERRIFIED of our new friend. At this point I was already mad that my husband didn't listen to me AT ALL and I was tired and wanted to go to bed. By now I was also 38 weeks pregnant  and had a scheduled C-Section less than a week away. Great timing to get a dog. Anyway we walked into the house I was carrying a chair across the room to sit down and feed the boys some dinner in their high chairs. On my way across the room I slipped and fell into the splits. I realized very quickly that I had just slipped in Djangos Pee... To this day I still like to pretend that I hate Django and all the hairy details that come with him. He is way too smart for his own good and sheds like a wholly mammoth but he won over in the end and is now for the most part quite a gentleman. And he could not be more in love with our little Doxie Honey! Their is no doubt that Honey is the boss and Django just does what every she wants! Django is quite the character and if he had a real person voice we like to think he would sound just like Yogi Bear.

Alright enough about my stinky dogs onto Pinned it Friday are you ready?!!!

1. This quilt is just so stinking cute! It would also be a good scrap buster quilt! I always have lots of 2.5 inch strips and squares left over from various projects and this would be a perfect quilt to use them on! The Blog Make it Do has some wonderful quilting and sewing inspiration go check it out!!

2. This is such an awesome idea for organizing fabric especially fat quarters and half yards. I will be transforming one of the rooms in our house into a sewing/craft room later this summer and so I am on the lookout for good ideas that are also practical for storing fabric! The current set up at the top of my closet is hard to access and always winds up all over the floor! My husband is less than thrilled with the tribute to Joann's I have going on in there right now. I think he would like to have a place to get dressed without the fear of stepping on a needle. Go check out the craft room from the lovely blog Thinking out Loud the floor is also to die for!!

3. I am  always ready for some new things to bake! When I saw the word Almond I knew this would be a good cake recipe to try! The college I attended was in a very small town and it had a snow cone shop! Once every week snow cones were .50 cents! Me and my friends would always go get snow cones after biology class.  My favorite flavor was Wedding Cake. Which is pretty much just almond extract with cream. I craved it during each of my pregnancies. Unfortunately it was a 2 1/2 hour drive away! Here is the recipe. This blog includes recipes that are entirely gluten free! I know I have several friends who have gluten allergies so here is a great resource at Apple and Spice.
4. This is a little tutorial on how to draw trees! I saw this and automatically thought that these would also be great templates for embroidery! go check out this link for more cool ideas
5. I am always trying  to improve my photography skills or rather lack of! This article has some really great tips and ideas for taking new born pictures. It also has some great general camera taking tips as well! Definitely worth the read thank you to Little Sprout Photography for sharing your talents!!
Have a great weekend!!

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