Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Table

So, Easter... Already? Okay! I haven't gotten to switch up my decor much and I'm just totally skipping St. Patrick's day so I decided to just try for Easter. I like to try and remember the real reason for it and not just think about how gorgeous my Easter bunny is! Haha, but really, I love the new life and new beginnings and churchy part of Easter! It's kinda like a spring cleaning for the soul :) So in the spirit of all that, I made a quilted runner and redid my dining room table for the occasion. I used some blocks that were a mistake and got kicked out of another quilt for the center an then quilted it with straight lines. I love line quilting, but it is not so fond of me.. Oh well, I'll probably keep trying to do it anyway! Here are some pictures!

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