Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Spring Table

I have been trying to decide what I wanted to do for my spring decorating. I had a couple ideas in mind but my Homegoods failed me when it came to Easter decorations! So sad! So I walked on over to Michael's and found some yarn that ended up taking me in a very earthy and rustic direction! I was looking for some "realistic" looking eggs and couldn't find anything so I decided to buy some lovely plastic pastel ones and give them a makeover. I started by covering them with masking tape so that the bright colors wouldn't show through. Then I used my handy little hot glue gun and wrapped them with some yarn! After a couple eggs it was pretty easy! And then I made myself a table runner as you will see in the pictures below. All the dishes Devin and I got as wedding gifts (I love them more and more) and the other items I already had on hand minus the nestsy stuff, that was about $4 for the bag also at Michael's.

Enjoy my friends!


  1. Absolutely beautiful and creative.

  2. What a sweet spring table setting! It looks beautiful! I love the table runner with the ruffles, so pretty!