Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Strength and Dignity Sign for a Little Girls Room

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I feel like this week is already flying by! Today I delivered a custom
 sign order that I took during the market I did about 2 weeks ago. The order was for a little girls room and I think I may have delivered it just in time because she will be making her debut into the world very soon! This is such a simple design which I have come to find really is my favorite. The simpler the better! This has to be one of my favorite signs so far. I love when I get custom orders and get to try something new and get new ideas for the future.  I have a few more custom orders that I can't wait to share  later on. I also have some fun Halloween costumes that I made for my kids I will also share as well! My sign business has really taken off since the market that I attended and I a really enjoying the outlet to be creative and do what I love.

 My house looks like words and vinyl  threw up  all over it about 99% of the time but it has been exciting to watch this little business start growing!

There are few things more validating than creating something and then having people get it and want their own! This week we have a  10% off code for all of our signs listed in our Etsy Shop just use code 10PERCENTOFF at the check out.

Life has been kind of crazy  but all in all good. My twins are really living up to the "terrible two" status. They have been delayed in there speech due to the fact that they communicate in their own language to each other. It's definitely NOT English but over the last few weeks  their vocabulary has really started to take off. Atticus' favorite phrase is "I need it" so I have been busy fulfilling a lot of his "I need it" requests. It still shocks me every now and then that I have 3 kids. I feel like I just woke up one day and they were all here.. staring at me waiting me for to do my "mother job" I love them all dearly and I enjoy our everyday grind listening in on conversations, and watching them play and grow. I have taken a few steps back from this blog to do just that. I will still be here but not as often as before. I hope you all are having a lovely week! I shipped out a few more signs today that I will share as soon as they arrive at their new homes!

but for now enjoy this one!


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