Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Signs for This Weeks Market

Here are several of the signs that I have made to take to the Marche Charmant market this Thursday. I have several more that I am working on today including a few larger ones that I will also bring with me! I have decided to use just regular old Craft Paint for these signs  since I didn't have time to order the Milk Paint that I usually use. Since craft paint has a much broader selection of colors and for so cheap I was able to pick out a fun new color shown on the "beautiful and brilliant" sign that totally reminds me of Rachel since tiffany blue happens to be her signature color, in case you didn't already know! This is also the lovely color that ended up on my kids and kitchen yesterday. I should have taken some pictures so that I could laugh about it later but I cleaned it up before that even crossed my mind. If any of you follow me on my personal Instagram you know just how lovely my "tornado twins" are! They truly live up to their nick name!

Here are the signs!

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