Friday, September 6, 2013

Pinned it Friday and our Weekly Re-cap as well as what to expect next week!

Happy Friday Everyone! this week we had some great new projects to share on the blog and next week will be no different! I will be sharing my kitchen table and chairs makeover and a finished crochet project! and I am sure Rachel will have some good stuff as well since she always does! I have some great pins today to share that make me want to whip out my sewing machine and crochet hook! but first here is a re-cap of our week

Monday I shared the progress in my guest/sewing room and the makeover done on my sewing desk LINK

Rachel shared a beautiful stack of washcloths made by our grannie. Please keep her in your prayers she has been very sick and had to have several surgeries this week and is still in the hospital. We love that lady so much! She has been such an inspiration to both Rachel in I. LINK

I shared Scarlett's birthday cake with a YouTube video on how to make one yourself  LINK

Rachel Moved into her new place and shared with us all her new fabric storage happening in the armoire that I painted for her a few months back LINK

Pretend play tea bags for tea parties- made from fabric scraps. How cute!TFirst off for pinned it Friday I have a child sewing project. I almost picked up a little vintage tea set for Scarlett last week and then set it back, I think it will be a couple years before she is ready for that but I think these little fabric tea bags are so darling. I loved to have little tea parties with my mom or friends as a little girl and I would have loved this idea! LINK for more pictures and ideas

Here Comes the Sun: 10 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas
Next is this beautiful fall inspired mantle. I love that its not completely over done. It would also be relatively inexpensive to re-create! I am getting excited to start all my holiday decorations! LINK and more fall mantles on this blog

TutorialsThis little girls dress is just too adorable! And the best news is if you go check out this blog craftiness is not optional , this pattern along with many others are available most of them for free! How awesome is that!?? I think I see some new dresses in Scarlett's near future! Link warning: you are about to embark on an awesome blog with so many awesome tutorials!
Inspiration | 2nd-Hand SocialI have 2 mirrors in my garage right now last week I had three but I hung one in my guest bathroom. but I cant quite decided what to do with the other two. This is a great idea and I am thinking it would be a great option for my kitchen! don't you think?! LINK

Wild Rose Vintage: Flowers In A Row

I am just dying over this crochet afghan. I also think it would be really simple to make your own pattern! I think I may have to go start on one of these ASAP! link and a instructions HERE

That is it for this week folks! see you all next week with more!



  1. What great projects - I LOVE the pumpkin one - how fabulous!!!

  2. Hi Haley,
    Thank you for finding my Flowers in a Row and for the link! I am so sorry that I did not see your comment sooner. We are out of town and I haven't even looked at my blog for days! I also see that you live in a Tucson suburb, we just bought a winter home last year in SE Tuscon! I'll be sure to become a follower. Thanks again!