Monday, September 2, 2013

Crochet Wash Cloths

I know that Haley and I have both mentioned how amazing our Granny Staples is. She is a jack of all trades and taught herself most of the amazing things that she knows how to do. I mean sewing, knitting, baking, crochet, organizing-the lady has got it going on! Today I just wanted to share the stack of lovely wash cloths that she sent me when I graduated and moved out of my parents home. Aren't they lovely?! I've used half of them, I think you can tell which stack :) It's hard because I love them so much I don't want to ruin them, but on the other hand, she made them to be used and what good are they sitting on a shelf? Notice how uniform and lovely her stitches are too.
When I grow up I wanna be cool like Granny.


Also: Haley and my mother can both do this. Haley tried to teach me but I FAIL. I admire crochet ladies!

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