Friday, August 16, 2013

Pinned it Friday with Rachel

Hello everyone! It's Friday and that means I get to show you what Haley and I did this week, as well as a few of my favorite pins!

Monday- A few of my WIPs!
Tuesday- Haley's lovely new backyard and some crochet
Wednesday- A few of my favorite quilt blogs and sites
Now time for the pins!
This first pin is such a good idea! I love having leftover meat for sandwiches, but why not just make your own lunch meat? I know that the store bought kind has nitrates and too much sodium (and other things I'm sure), but it's simple. This is a way to bring back a little simplicity while eating well. Go check out the tutorial and see other ways that this Florida mom is going green.
Second is something that makes me so happy! Glass door knobs!! My granny in Tennessee has basement that is divided into three rooms. On one door, there is a glass knob and I remember being intrigued with it as a little girl. It really is the attention to detail that make a house lovely. The blog Inspiring Pretty shared this photo from a set of ideas to redo a bathroom. Go look around the blog, it is by two sisters and a sister-in-law. That's kinda cool to me because I do this blog with my cousin/sister-in-law too!
Third, there are these gorgeous vintage refrigerators! I can't help it, am I a total loser for loving these? Oh well, so be it.
I love the minty one and the pink one, and I think I should make it my life's goal to have one! Go read this post and see that I'm not the only one who loves the Smeg! Look around while you are there, it's a photo blog and there are great pictures everywhere!
Fourth, I have no idea where this came from, but I had to share the picture because I'm still wanting a tufted headboard. I don't know if it will happen, but if it does, I like this one.
Last pin for the week is the bomb! I have been doing TERRIBLE about reading my scriptures lately, and I really need to do better. I think that it would help me get more out of it too, if I took cute notes and made mention of things that stood out to me. This would probably also be good for those poor folks still having to suffer through some type of school. Ick. So glad that part of my life is over. Anyway, this blog (One of a Kind) has all kinds of scripture study helps and templates, go check it out!
Okay, so that's it for us this week, next week we shall be back with some new projects! Hopefully I can fit in some time to pack some boxes so my husband doesn't come into my sewing room and murder me for putting it off so long! Haha, enjoy your weekend!

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