Friday, June 21, 2013

Pinned it Friday, Rachel Edition

We had some fun posts this week, so here they are just in case you missed them!

Afghan Update & Milk Paint vs Chalk Paint

Quilting Tutorial Part 2

Here are my favorite pins from the week! Hope you all enjoy!

1.) My living room doesn't have room for more than one couch plus a rocking chair. Sometimes I just like to lay on the floor anyway. Basically, I think that making one or two of these super cute floor pillows may be exactly what I need in my life! I would love to have a squashy stack of these in the corner :) Go check them out on the blog, it has been translated to English, woot, woot!

2.) I don't know about you, but I definitely have this problem with a few pairs of my pants. They fit through the rear, but the waist is too big. Why?! Obviously I'm not the only one. Here is a simple way to help fix that gap (because no one wants to see your (or my) crack. It's just not ladylike. Or gentleman like, if you prefer.  This is from the I Am Momma Hear Me Roar blog, where Cheri gives awesome sewing, home decor, holiday, and kid stuff tutorials. Her blog is on summer break because she wanted to spend time with her cute kids, go see all the cool stuff there and read about her (she is a pretty cool lady)! 

3.) You will never convince me that there is a little boy out there who doesn't like to dress up. I worked with kids for seven years straight, mainly two-year-olds, and every single one of those boys would dress up when they had the chance. I particularly remember a set of twin boys that loved the plastic Cinderella shoes. Their mother was not happy when she came in and found her little boys in their cute Nike outfits and pink heels. I am a fan of letting them dress up how they like for fun, they are just exploring the world around them :) So, here is a SUPER cute gift for a boy you know, or maybe a girl you know, either way, I NEED to make these sometime because I just love how they look! Also, I would like to give more handmade gifts, and these will be unique! This is a cool blog called mmmcrafts, and I know which project I've got my eye on next!
Disguise Kit

4.) Chevrons are all the rage still, and good news for quilters, they are some of the easiest patterns to do! There are so many variations out there, but I've always been partial to a rainbow look. Isn't this baby quilt by Chez Roo gorgeous?! I even love the gray background. Now I'm wanting to brave my scrap pile and see if I can make one too! Go check out Yzo's blog and see all the awesomeness she brings to the table!
Rainbow Chevron Quilt

5.) Okay, confession time! I love lip scrubs and always have. I love gritty facewash, pumice stones, exfoliating body wash, and all of those types of things. I always feel cleaner when I've scrubbed off at least two layers of skin. That's probably a condition isn't it? Hmm. Well, anyway, I took the drug Accutane for five or six months in 2010-11. It was not fun, and I feel like it permanently damaged my lips ability to stay hydrated (or something). I now feel like my lips are constantly chapped and peeling. I love medicated Blistex, it seems to help, but I also went back to my old lip scrubs! Here is a cool DIY one that is natural and easy (not to mention effective)! Sugar and olive oil baby. This is from the Girl With Curves, Tanesha. She has a great blog that promotes positve self image and gives lots of beauty tips, plus outfit inspiration.
DIY Lip Scrub

That's it for this Friday, hope you enjoyed! As always, I'm happy to hear any feedback and would love to know what you'd like to read more of!


  1. Hi, Rachel, thanks for featuring my Operation Incognito post! My two girls sure had fun trying on the mustaches and being silly. :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Rachel,
    Thanks for including me in your post!
    You have a lovely blog.

    Have a nice day!


  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks so much for loving my quilt! I love that minecraft quilt, my boys are both addicted and would love one of those! Your blog is beautiful.


  4. And a big thanks to you all for coming to check out the blog and letting me share your awesome projects! You are all so creative!