Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinned it Friday and the Future of my House

Hello all my friends! It is so nice to visit with you today on Pinned it Friday! I spent very little time pinning this week and instead got out there and got things done! I have so many fun and exciting things to share with you in the up coming weeks! My new little furniture re-finishing business is booming! I have so many pieces in my garage right now that I don't even know where to begin!!! It seems as soon as one piece gets finished and moved out to its new home I have about 10 more pieces come and replace it!! This has been so exciting and I really couldn't be more pleased with this new endeavor I've decided to tackle! I have multiple pieces that have finished that I cannot wait to show you and several more pieces that will be going up for sale soon! I have also been able to use this whole process as a way to re-furnish my own home for almost nothing! Something I am very happy about! It also means that I will have more of my home to show you in the near future! Ultimately my goal is to have  a home tour tab up and running in the next six months.  Something that has been a goal of mine since we first began this whole blog thing!

Today for pinned it Friday I will be showing you things that have been inspirational as I tackle new furniture makeovers and decorate my home!

But lets first wrap up all the fun things that happened this week on the blog! shall we?!

This week has been the week of the hutches! I finished the most adorable hutch for my Sister- inlaw on Wednesday! I will be sharing that with you on Tuesday, and I also acquired my very own hutch yesterday! Something I have been hunting for on Craigslist for many months! So naturally I thought I would show you this beautiful hutch re-finished by Jennifer. Jennifer is the fabulous lady behind the blog Dear Lillie! I have mentioned her before and I probably will again! She is just so talented! I love that she changed out the glass doors and used chicken wire instead! would you decorate with chicken wire? I sure as heck would!  

This is an adorable sitting room from Roeshell and her sweet little blog the DIY Showoff! I love how this space turned out with the soft white and light color scheme. And the plates.. you all know what a sucker I am for plates! I love this! Perfect inspiration for the dining/eating area I am going to start furnishing in my own home soon!

This is also some lovely inspiration for my Dining/eating area. I am in desperate need of some sort of drapes and I have been coveting some drop cloth ones! these are just the right amount of Vintage Farm House with out being to frilly for my husband! These beauties can be found at A Small Snippet  and include a full tutorial! thanks Leana for sharing!
Along with my beautiful new hutch, I acquired a new set of chairs!! This my friends has been LONG LONG over due! My husband and I have been living with some lovely black folding chairs for our ENTIRE marriage! It's time to get classy and get some chairs! That we finally did yesterday! I can't wait to test out some of Miss Mustard Seeds amazing upholstery tutorials and add some pretty slip covers just like these to my new chairs!
I have been following Susie Harris' blog for years. This lady can paint like no other! She makes custom signs all of which she hand paints and I just can't get enough! This sign has always been my favorite and I have already finished up one of my very own. Mine is not at all the same but definitely inspired by Susie's incredible talent and vintage feel. This sign will be going in my dining area! I will share that with you next week!  
That is it for pinned it Friday! See you next week with many more fun projects and finished furniture pieces!

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