Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pinned it Friday: Rachel Edition

This Friday thing is kinda fun, isn't it?! Here I am for another round of Pinned it Friday! I hope you guys like Pinterest as much as I do!

1.) I have a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils that I've been wanting to use for a while. I happened to catch my favorite on a 50% off sale! That's what I'm talking about! Here is a cool tutorial showing how to use stencils and some Martha Stewart paint! This come from the always fresh Tatertots and Jello, go check out the blog, there are all sorts of good things there to find!
2.) Next we have some pillowcases that were just way too cute to pass by! These are on the Spoonful of Sugar blog and honestly, can you resist this?! I love that the ends are all tucked in nicely and not out, flapping around. I have flappy pillowcases and now they annoy me, so I need to make some of these!
3.) This is great! I love to contour my face when it's in a good mood! Some days, it's just better not to be seen. Haha, anyway, this is a great look at what contouring and highlighting the correct areas of your face can do! Haley and I love makeup and she got me hooked on Sigma brushes! I now need to get a contour one. The flak kabuki is ah-mazing! Cara Brook for Allure.
4.) Fourth pin is some lovely vintage Pyrex! I have only just started to get a few random pieces, but I really like it! Jeni Baker at In Color Order was where I first started loving the VP (vintage pyrex). So here is a blog totally dedicated to it!
5.)  Lastly, this pin is to feed my current sign addiction! I want to recreate this a little differently soon and I already have the wood, so YES! Credit goes here, not to me.
Enjoy your long weekend people!


  1. Not sure if I am doing this correctly, but wanted to let you know I love the pillowcases, too. Keep hunting great ideas!
    Phyllis Deweese

  2. Thanks Mrs. Phyllis! I love Pinterest and all of the awesome ideas that I get online :)