Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinned it Friday (Rachel Edition)

My inlaws are coming to Yuma, so I'm just going to jump right in with my list of pins from this week! I mean, I have laundry and floors to do before they get here! Hope you all enjoy!

1.) If you're "in" to sewing, you may always be on the look out for something new and functional to sew! Sure, we can all make bean bags, but how many bean bags can one Rachel use? Exactly! So here is a useful pattern called the Petrillo Bag that you should check out! There are lots of variations posted on Sara's site, Sew Sweetness and lots of other fun sew-y things!
2.) Next is a pin from the always fresh Martha Stewart. I love her craftiness! This is simple, but I sometimes hate trying to find pictures but still want to cover a space. Enter crappy thrift store frames and some Valspar (my favorite) spraypaint! Martha used Benjamin Moore, but I'll stick with what works for me. I really am digging this display!

3.) The EPIC alphabet! Love, love this embroidery font that you can order as iron on transfer or PDF, or both! The site, Sublime Stitching has a ton of patterns that are very cute and affordable. Stephanie and Jenny seem to have all aspects of modern and non-lame embroidery covered! What are you waiting for, go check out the site!!
4.) Since i'm hungry right now, I had to do a food pin. I haven't tried this one yet, but I did make fried rice this week and I really like it. Maybe this would be good too! My husband likes quinoa and tried to eat healthy, so maybe next I will be giving this a shot! Lookie at this Asian fried quinoa and try and tell me that it doesn't look delish. Kim and her husband have a blog with lots of food and pictures! Perfect match :)
5.) For number five, we have an awesome find! This lady found close matches to all the Annie Sloan chalk paint colors, and shared them with the web. Go and read the post and then as many comments as you can. I learned a lot and will definitely be trying some of them. Right now I'm working on a project with the ASCP for you all, but it takes some time and learning, and lots of blog reading! I still have to get some clear wax too, and finding an alternate is proving to be tricky. Anyway, this was a very useful post to have and I pinned it so that I could refer back to it as needed. Mandie seems to be great about answering questions and helping people find what works best for them. Her blog is pretty cool, at Altar'd Designs.
That wraps it up for me, I hope you have all had a lovely week. Feel free to drop a line and let me know what you like, or what you'd like to see more of! Have a fun weekend!

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