Friday, May 17, 2013

Pinned it Friday :Haley Edition

Hello everyone! Welcome to Friday!! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! Just a quick update! My son had a procedure yesterday, it was non surgical but did require him to be put under anesthesia, he had a rough afternoon and was sick from the meds but he is doing much better today! Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers! We are glad to have another part of this process under our belts. This procedure will determine how his Doctor will handle his next phase of surgery. The results showed that he had healed well from his last procedure but that he will still need additional surgery. Which we had already assumed would be the case, His doctor now has a better game plan for what needs to happen next.
I have some wonderful pins to share with you this week all of which I am really excited about! I am really itching to get to some more home projects at my house! but my sewing list says no and so does my main man!! Why the heck cant furniture be free? I mean it literally grows on trees? The good kind does at least! We spent the first 2 years of our marriage without a table. When we finally bought one we got it at a thrift store for a great price. Unfortunately we realized that the chairs were pretty much past the point of saving and we nixed them. It was my very first "thrifted" furniture purchase and I really had no idea what I was doing! I was also 30+ weeks pregnant with my twins and seriously had no business making any rational decisions at that point in my life!! We have been making do with folding chairs in the mean time. But now that I am a married woman I would like to put the tacky college furniture options behind me! and I am on the look out for some new chairs and if the price is right maybe even a new table. Don't get me wrong I love my table but I wouldn't mind selling it to make room for a new set! that actually included some chairs! Thank goodness for craigslist right?
 Now On to Pinned it Friday!
In case you haven't already guessed Rachel and I both are completely obsessed with makeup! and we both just got some new brushes! I had been using the same brushes for about 7 years.. I think it was time for some new ones! and I am always on the look out for some practical storage solutions for my makeup! It can get a little out of hand! Perhaps I will whip one of these bad boys up in the next couple of weeks! This tutorial can be found at Sew 4 Home they also have a bunch of other tutorials and patterns so go check them out!

These pillows I just love! they are so adorable and would be super cheap to make! I have a confession to make. I am a pillow hoarder. Yes, it is true. My boys closet is one part clothes and 9 parts decorative pillows... Yes just waiting to be re-covered, re- love, and re-decorated with. Its seriously a problem. The worst part is also have a huge rubber made bucket in my garage with a whole other stash.. its seriously a problem folks!! SO I need to recover some and get them out of the closet!!  These I absolutely adore and would look great in my living room or maybe in my boys room.. perhaps with a different textile replacing the lace. These beauties came from Sweet Cottage Dreams! go check out that blog! so many awesome shabby chic goodies!

I am in need of a new cover for my phone. Some little twinsy fingers got a hold of mine and ripped it to shreds literally! I guess the silicone case was just to much to handle! But if you have a silicone case that hasn't been ripped to shreds this would be such an amazing case, and I'm pretty sure everyone on the block would be jealous. I know I would be! Thanks to Melanie Ham for the awesome ideas go give her blog some love she deserves it!
 These are awesome! They would make great gifts and would even bee cool jar fillers in a bathroom! They come from the blog Luli. You will need to use Google translate to get these instructions. They are just so cute and a charming!
I saw this on Pinterest and when I read it I was literally in tears I was laughing so hard. My brother and sister in-law came into town last week and I had my brother read it to everyone because I couldn't get through it I was laughing so hard. It is seriously worth the read! GO DO IT!

That is it for pinned it Friday Folks! I hope you enjoyed it! Have a lovely weekend and be safe!

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