Monday, April 15, 2013

A Sweet and Simple Baby Quilt

I finished up this baby quilt last week but was waiting until after the baby shower to share it with you all! I am really happy to say that I finished it! Why??? because my machine pretty much died with only a 12x12 section left to quilt. It was as if the "power steering" went out on my machine. It wouldn't stitch and just went on the fritz! luckily I was able to make it work just long enough to finish! and today I am taking my machine to the shop to get it fixed! this is one of the very first quilts I have ever free motion quilted. I attempted free motion quilting last year and I HATED IT! I was terrible! my stitches were all funky and I couldn't sew anything remotely presentable to save my life! I decided a couple months ago to try again and made it one of my yearly resolutions to conquer free motion quilting! I learned that I was doing a couple key things wrong. The biggest mistake I was making was the foot I was using on my sewing machine. I got the correct foot, a darning foot for about $9.00 on Amazon and let me tell you, that was the best $9.00 I have ever spent! I am now absolutely in love with free motion quilting! I am so mad my machine is busted because I have a whole quilt top  ready to go and no machine to work with!!

This quilt was a great project to practice my free motion quilting skills on. I am a fan of stippling and have tried a couple other patterns with less success so for now I'm going to stick with what works! I made this quilt the exact size of a crib so that it doesn't have to be folded or tucked it can just lay right in any standard crib with out any fuss! I did a single crochet around the quilt to keep it simple and to add that special quality.  I sure hope the parents to be, liked their quilt and that when their sweet little baby arrives she can snuggle and enjoy it as well! I hope every one had an awesome weekend and if you haven't already entered our giveaway go do it!



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    1. Thank you so much for commenting on our blog!!! Totally made my week! Your blog is always so inspirational! Thank you so much!!!!