Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Excuses Excuses...

SO.... I have been slacking this week. OK not really I have just been busy with life and haven't had time to touch a paintbrush or go near my machine. In fact my machine is probably pouting since I put her away. But I have good news! I will be adding some things to my Master Bedroom with pictures to fallow, and last night after my walk with my main man Django I decided to start tackling a new room makeover!! Are you excited?? I'm excited!!! I am also going to include a FULL tutorial on how to paint stripes the EASY way! So just hold tight and before the day is up I may post a few pictures to prove I'm not just sitting around eating bon bons... Until later my lovelies!!


PS.. The next room I plan to tackle is the upstairs bathroom. If you have been following me on pinterest you may have seen an over load of bathroom pins this is why.

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