Monday, January 21, 2013

Pennant Banner

So this post is a little bit about banners! You will probably see more of these from me because I love to use them in my own home for decorations. This one is a little bit Valentines-ish. Maybe it could be for Spring? A baby girl's room? In this case, it's for Valentine's Day :) I'm leaning less towards red this year, since I used it last year a lot, and now that Christmas is over I want a change. Obviously, pink is my choice! So here are a few pictures and I'll briefly tell you what I did. First, I cut 5 inch strips of fabric and cut out triangles that were 4 inches across at the top. Then I sewed two triangles together with a 1/4 inch seam so that the banner would be pretty on both sides! Next, I sewed the triangles 4" side into some bias tape that I bought. Ironed the whole thing, hung it, and voila! Picture time! This will be up on Etsy soon (in case anyone takes a particular fancy to it)! Also: Sorry the pictures are bad, my lighting wasn't great!


  1. So cute! Now I totally want to make a banner :)

  2. Thanks! You totally should, they are easy-peasy!